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Emcee Neil Tesser  (photo credit:  Karla Schley)Franz Soloing (photo credit:  John Eby, Dowagiac Daily News)Franz's Wonderful World  (photo credit:  David Jewell)A New Orleans Style "Happy Birthday" March (Hugh Leal (banjo), Eric Schneider (clarinet) and George Bean (trumpet)  (photo credit:  John Eby, Dowagiac Daily News)Judi K and Franz Get The Joint Jumpin!  (photo credit:  Karla Schley)Before The Gala:  Left to Right:  Bob Cousins, Art Hoyle, Hank Tausend and Chris Carani (photo credit:  Lisa Roti)Judi K and Franz (photo credit:  Karla Schley)Ed Bagatini (trmb), Tad Calcara (cl) and Yves Francois (trp)  (photo credit:  David Jewell)Eric Schneider and Art Hoyle (photo credit:  David Jewell)Crystal Ristow (with Jim Pickley (p), Hugh Leal (gtr) and Darrel Tidaback (bass)   (photo credit:  David Jewell)Franz Soloing with Chris Carani on Bass  (photo credit:  David Jewell)Hank Tausend
(photo credit:  Karla Schley)Franz with Chris Carani (left) and JJ Carani (right)  (photo credit:  David Jewell)Art Hoyle (photo credit:  David Jewell)Tad Calcara
(photo credit:  David Jewell)Lisa Roti  (photo credit:  David Jewell)Yves Francois  (photo credit:  David Jewell)From Left:  Tad Calcara, Ed Bagatini, Yves Francois, Eric Schneider
(photo credit:  David Jewell)Franz Receiving the Key to The City from Mayor Don Lyons (daughter Michelle Jewell holding key)  (photo credit:  John Eby, Dowagiac Daily News)Photo Credit:  Karla SchleyTad Calcara (clarinet) and Ed Bagatini (trombone)
(Photo Credit:  David Jewell)The Legendary Billy "Stix" Nicks (photo credit:  Karla Schley)Chris Carani (photo credit:  Karla Schley)Ed Bagatini (trom), Yves  Francois (tpt) and Eric Schneider (soprano sax)
(photo credit:  Karla Schley)Judi K and Franz Doing Bill Bailey (photo credit:  Karla Schley)From Left:  Hugh Leal, Darrel Tidaback, Franz, Ed Bagatini
(photo credit:  Karla Schley)Judi K and Franz  (photo credit:  Karla Schley)Hugh Leal (banjo), Darrel Tidaback (bass) and Franz
(photo credit:  Karla Schley)Crystal Ristow with Franz Looking On  (photo credit:  David Jewell)Larry Dwyer (photo credit:  Karla Schley)Lisa Roti
(photo credit:  David Jewell)Franz and Daughter Michelle  (photo credit:  John Eby, Dowagiac Daily News)Franz with Lisa Roti and Granddaughter, Jade Jewell (photo credit:  Karla Schley)George Bean (tpt), Franz (seated), and Tad Calcara (cl)
(photo credit:  David Jewell)Left to Right:  Art Hoyle, Yves Francois and Eric Schneider (photo credit:  David Jewell)Bill Higgins greets Franz at The Woodfire (photo credit:  Karla Schley)Lisa Roti and Yves Francois  (photo credit:  Karla Schley)Franz Holding Court at the Woodfire  (photo credit:  Lisa Roti)The Gala Ensemble - (l to r:  Larry Dwyer, Darrel Tidaback, Crystal Ristow, Hugh Leal, Lisa Roti, Yves Francois, Judi K, Ed Bagatini, Jim Pickley, Art Hoyle, Chris Carani, Neil Tesser, Hank Tausend, Tad Calcara, Eric Schneider, George Bean and Franz)  (photo credit:  John Eby, Dowagiac Daily News)
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Franz Jackson

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Photo Gallery
Franz's 95th Birthday Gala
November 4, 2007
On November 4, 2007, nearly two dozen of Franz’s musical colleagues converged on Dowagiac to honor and celebrate his 95th birthday with a gala concert.  The Dowagiac Middle School Performing Arts Center played host to musicians typically seen and heard in Chicago, New York or New Orleans.  The community rose to the occasion of celebrating Franz’s amazing achievements in life and music and turned out in full force to make this event a spectacular success.   In addition to the outstanding celebration, the concert raised nearly $10,000 which benefited four worthy recipients:  Dowagiac High School Jazz Band, The Dowagiac Dogwood Fine Arts Festival, Encore Dance Company and the Jazz Institute of Chicago, of which Franz was a founding member.  Beyond that, the musicians and concert-goers from outside this area were able to see what Dowagiac has to offer and they all walked away thoroughly impressed and enchanted.  The community showed its appreciation for one of its most famous and accomplished citizens and received a wonderful gift of its own in return.

We thank all of the musicians who gave of their time and talent to wish Franz one of his most memorable birthdays ever:  Ed Bagatini, George Bean, Tad Calcara, Chris Carani, Bob Cousins, Larry Dwyer, Judi K., Art Hoyle, Hugh Leal, Billy Nicks, Jim Pickley, Crystal Ristow, Lisa Roti, Eric Schneider,Yves Francois, Hank Tausend, Darrel Tidaback and emcee Neil Tesser.
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