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When Franz Jackson left us on May 6, 2008, he left behind family, friends and fans who will never forget how he touched their lives:  with his music and with his soul.

In the days and weeks following Franz's death, his family received hundreds of calls, letters and email messages from people who knew Franz well and from those who had maybe heard him play once.  The sentiment was the same nevertheless - this man moved people.  He made an impact on virtually everyone he met and it's clear that if you met Franz, you not only respected liked him.

This page is a dedication to his memory and it contains words, pictures and memorials to his legacy as musician and as a man.  Franz would have been suprised and humbled at the outpouring of emotion and admiration for him. 
Yet another testament to his character.

Franz's son-in-law, David Jewell, said it best when he spoke at
Franz's memorial service:

"To those of you who mourn today with the idea that Franz Jackson’s work is finished, I
submit that it is not. Rather, Franz has finished his work. To suggest that his work is
finished is to suggest that the work of a brick is finished once it is laid perfectly in place
by the mason. Of course the reverse is true. It has only begun. I think it is safer to say
that the Birth of Franz Jackson’s Work is now complete, and that now finished body of
work will, as it has for decades, stand on its own while influencing, coloring and
nurturing the birth processes of new musical forms and expressions. Franz Jackson
gave all of you the unique gift of his soul expressed through music. I am his son-in-law.
To me he gave an even more spectacular gift from his soul. He gave me his daughter –
and she gave ME a daughter. I can assure you with authority that the soul of
Franz Jackson lives on in many ways today and it presents new melodies, new
embellishments and unexpected riffs at every turn."

We miss you, Franz, you made this a Wonderful World for all of us. 
And that is your legacy.

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